We are super excited to have you join us on our Gracie Barra Journey!

This page will provide you with all you need to begin your Gracie Barra Cedar Park’s online classes.

STEP 1: Print out your GB Attendance card here : GB ATTENDANCE CARD

  • This card will be used in every class you are part of. This is our way of keeping track of your stripe promotion! Each day you come to class you can place a dot in the specified cell. Once we return to in-group classes those dots will be transferred into your permanent attendance card!

STEP 2: Here is our schedule for our virtual classes, It is also found here: Online Schedule.

STEP 3: Signup and Download the Zoom application here: Zoom

STEP 4: One of our Program Directors will soon get in contact with you as to how you can join our classes!

STEP 5: I recommend you all to take a look into this link as well, it holds all of our resources and socials! GB Cedar Park Linktree